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IT Project Management Essentials: Managing Risks in an IT Project


IT project managers deal with risks every day, including potential cost overruns, schedule delays, design constraints, hardware defects, and software bugs. Without a plan or process in place to address the possibility of unpredictable and unwanted loss during a project, managers may be dealing with risks reactively, rather than proactively. Potential trouble areas need to be identified early, and dealt with quickly and appropriately so a project doesn't go over budget, miss deadlines, or negatively affect an organization's reputation. IT project managers can plan effectively for handling the possibility of negative outcomes by following a risk management process. Such a process can help them monitor and control risks throughout a project's life cycle. This course describes the steps in a risk management process for IT projects—from identifying the risks and documenting them, to analyzing, and developing appropriate and effective responses.

What You Will Learn

  • Matching common sources of risks in an IT project to their examples
  • Matching tools for identifying risks in an IT project to their descriptions
  • Identifying effective risk statements for a given IT project
  • Recognizing how to analyze risks in an IT project
  • Matching risk response strategies for an IT project to examples that illustrate them

Who Should Take This Course

IT project managers and IT professionals preparing to take on IT project management responsibilities, as well as managers who support IT project managers

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