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IT Project Management Essentials: Testing Deliverables and Closing IT Projects


Because it's a significant point in an IT project, the closing phase has its own set of processes and activities. When a project manager carries out those activities and processes, he or she can demonstrate that the project goal has been met and provide the team with a sense of accomplishment. In addition, carrying out the final tasks of a project, particularly the task of archiving documentation, ensures that lessons learned are gathered and stored for the future. An orderly conclusion also helps guarantee that end users' needs and expectations have been met, and that stakeholders are satisfied. This course describes the closing activities for IT projects, covering how to test IT project deliverables to make sure they meet requirements, which activities help close an IT project effectively, and how to set up maintenance and support.

What You Will Learn

  • Matching steps in testing IT project deliverables with their activities
  • Recognizing examples of activities you carry out during the closing phase of an IT project
  • Identifying the value of carrying out closing activities for an IT project
  • Recognizing tasks in setting up maintenance and support for completed IT projects

Who Should Take This Course

IT project managers and IT professionals preparing to take on IT project management responsibilities, as well as managers who support IT project managers

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