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Leaders and Work-Life Balance


This course addresses the question of work-life balance, one which is of great importance to leaders in all settings. Ignoring the claims of your family life and your personalneeds can lead to stress, frustration and burn-out. Two career couples and leaders in very demanding time-intensive fields face these issues with even more challenges to overcome. Discovering methods and techniques to reconcile work and family makes us better people and better leaders.

You will also consider the question of personal fulfillment and the needs and demands of leadership. What is success in life and how does leadership fit into it? Do we have a responsibility to lead? How should we approach life? What are the choices we may be called upon to make, and what considerations should come into play?

What You Will Learn

  • Identify the major sources of work-life balance conflict
  • Discuss the myths about work-life balance—including the “make time later,” division of labor, and “quality time” myths
  • Identify strategies to achieve balance, including balancing by week, over a year, and via a short career
  • Recognize ways to maintain work-life balance
  • Examine what defines personal fulfillment
  • Identify those significant elements that play a role in a leader's life
  • Identify nine ways of viewing life's choices
  • Develop and complete a Personal Work-Life Balance Plan

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