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Managing Attitudes During Difficult Times


Employees may experience fear, anxiety, and frustration when their company is going through difficult times. If employees' attitudes suffer, so too does their performance. You must take steps to keep employees engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated when a company is facing challenges. By learning how to manage employee attitudes that often surface in difficult times, and by motivating and supporting employees, you can help boost the morale of everyone in your business. This course explains how stress manifests itself in employees when companies are going through challenging times, and it teaches techniques for reducing such stress. It also shows you how to develop a motivational style of leadership to maximize employee performance and reduce demotivating workplace behaviors. Finally, it gives you a chance to practice strategies for supporting employees through tough times.

What You Will Learn

  • recognize things you can do to reduce stress as your organization experiences difficult times
  • match actions with categories for developing an effective motivational management style
  • communicate support to an employee in challenging times

Who Should Take This Course

Managers, team leaders, business professionals, and individuals who need to communicate strategy and manage employee performance during difficult times for their organizations

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