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Preparing to Communicate Effectively at the 'C' Level


Does your job require you to communicate mission-critical data with senior executives? Perhaps you have opportunities to influence executive decision-making, but don't know how best to deliver your message. In order to make the most of your communication with the “C” level, you need to be prepared.This course helps you shape and clarify your message. It outlines the principles you should follow when communicating with senior executives, and provides important tips on how to build credibility with the “C” level. It also offers detailed guidance on how to approach and plan meetings with senior executives in order to ensure you are positioned for success.

What You Will Learn

  • What you need to be clear about when communicating with senior executives
  • The characteristics and drivers of senior executives that affect how you should communicate with them
  • Determining which basic principles for communicating with senior executives have been applied in a scenario
  • How to apply the principles to build credibility with senior executives
  • Planning the content of your meetings with senior executives
  • How to conduct a meeting with senior executives

Who Should Take This Course

Individuals who want to develop or refine their skills for communicating effectively with the “C” Level.

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