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This 1-hour interactive online course is one that is more fun than it is work. The entire lesson is dedicated to reward and recognition—something we all love and desire. You will learn how to use reward and recognition of your employees as an actual “working force” which is a positive motivator in its own right. Through instruction, examination and reflection, you will learn the importance of positive reinforcement, learn how to use it on a personal level and then expand it to actual companywide programs. Also, you will learn how to start a reward program, how to get input from the employees, how to use focus groups and how to gather feedback. This course outlines key elements such as budgets for programs, the importance of timing and the implementation and operation of events and promotions of every size and description.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize your role as a supervisor as one that creates various methods of reward and recognition for employees
  • Learn how to motivate your employees so they will become involved in the reward and recognition process
  • Learn the importance of positive reinforcement through instruction, examination and reflection and how to use it on a personal and companywide level
  • Learn how to use focus groups, gather feedback, create program budgets and the implementation of events and promotions.

Who Should Take This Course

Project Managers, Functional Managers, Senior Managers, Team Leaders, Sales Management, Customer Account Representatives, Business Analysts, Project Sponsors, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Instructors

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