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Taking Action for Performing under Pressure


Acting effectively in high-pressure situations is not easy. Overconfidence can lead to poor judgment, and overthinking the situation can lead to paralysis. Also, your perception may become clouded by negative thoughts and emotions in times of pressure. But it's exactly at these times that you need to perceive the challenges most clearly so that you can set appropriate goals and take effective action to achieve them. This course sets out some principles to help you avoid the dangers of overconfidence and overthinking, which can impair your performance when under pressure. It then teaches a technique for clarifying your perceptions in such situations and creating an action plan to optimize your performance under pressure.

What You Will Learn

  • recognize ways of avoiding overanalysis and overconfidence in high-pressure situations
  • distinguish the challenge in a high-pressure situation from emotional reactions
  • revise automatic thoughts to optimize perceptions in high-pressure situations
  • match activities to the appropriate steps in the process of taking action in a high-pressure situation
  • define a challenge in a high-pressure situation and take action to resolve it

Who Should Take This Course

Individuals who want to develop their abilities to manage the stress that comes with working under pressure and individuals who want to develop or refine their skills for performing under pressure

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