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Time Value of Money and Risk


This course covers time value of money (TVM) principles and risk and return. You will review the basic TVM techniques used in evaluating all financial decisions and their cash flow implications. For Risk and Return, you will learn how risk influences investment decisions, and how to calculate risk and rates of return. Further, you will explore the benefits of diversification and the use of the portfolio concept in investing.
After completing this course, you'll be able to:
  1. Distinguish between points in time and periods of time as shown by a time line
  2. Define "compounding" and "discounting"
  3. Compute future value or present value for single payment amounts
  4. Distinguish between single payments and streams of payments and between uneven streams and annuities
  5. Solve for the interest rate or time period for simple present value and future value problems
  6. Define risk
  7. Describe how risk influences investment decisions
  8. Calculate risk and rates of return
  9. Describe how diversification can limit risk
  10. Explain how diversifiable risk can be lowered using a portfolio approach
Upon successful completion of this course, you will earn 3 PDUs (1 Technical and 2 Business /Strategic)

Who Should Take This Course

Non-financial managers

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