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Writing for Technical Professionals: Preparation and Planning


Being technically knowledgeable is a good start for anyone wishing to write about a particular technology. However, it is not a guarantee that what is written will achieve its ultimate goal. In fact, some of the greatest technical experts find it very challenging to write effectively on technical matters. While it is important to understand the subject matter, it is equally important to understand the audience and its needs. There are steps that all technical writers should follow before putting pen to paper, including defining scope, determining the objectives of the project, understanding the target audience, and planning the overall structure of the document. This course explores steps writers should take when embarking on a new writing project.

What You Will Learn

  • recognize a document's purpose in given examples
  • select an appropriate delivery medium in given scenarios
  • analyze a writing segment to determine the document’s appropriate audience
  • sequence the steps in planning a document in example form
  • identify how to integrate other authors' work into your draft
  • establish the purpose and an appropriate delivery medium in a given scenario
  • analyze the audience in a given scenario
  • prepare a document's structure in a given scenario

Who Should Take This Course

Technical professionals wishing to improve their writing skills. This includes all IT personnel such as programmers and systems engineers as well as all sorts of technical engineering and scientific professionals.

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