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  • PM Network

    Bridging Ambition and Ability member content locked

    By Parsi, Novid Agile is everywhere, but not every organization is ready for it. According to the 12th annual State of Agile survey published by CollabNet VersionOne, 41 percent of organizations cite a lack of…

  • PM Network

    Caring for Giants member content locked

    By Bishel, Ashley The project was as pressing as it was daunting. Mariposa Grove's 500-plus mature sequoia trees—one of the largest species on the planet—stretch more than 250 feet (76 meters) in the sky, with some…

  • PM Network

    On Alert member content locked

    PM Network asks the project management community for insight into how to monitor progress in a way that can identify and mitigate potential problems.

  • PM Network

    Remote Control member content locked

    When it comes to both engagement and tenure, co-located project teams could have a leg up on their peers, according to the 2018 Global Work Connectivity study.

  • PM Network

    Transformation Tsunami member content locked

    Graphical depiction of global digital transformation projects.

  • PM Network

    Analyzing the Future member content locked

    By Desmond, Luke The wave of big data and other data-science-related knowledge is turning into a flood. The economy is rapidly transforming into a knowledge-based one. In fact, the four largest companies based on…

  • PM Network

    Chirp-Chirp member content locked

    The Visa logo is recognized across the globe, but the brand saw a big problem looming: The rise of e-commerce, mobile wallets and smart speakers means fewer transactions will require a physical…

  • PM Network

    Back to Frack? member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Fracking is having another moment. While public outcry against hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has remained strong, organizations continue to launch projects.

  • PM Network

    Site Specific member content locked

    Suide County, located on the Loess Plateau in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, has abundant sunshine and ample amounts of unused land. In an effort to use those two conditions to lower the area's…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project Management Practices in Private Organizations member content locked

    By Tereso, Anabela | Ribeiro, Pedro | Fernandes, Gabriela | Loureiro, Isabel | Ferreira, Mafalda This article aims to make a contribution to theory, as well as to practice, by identifying which project management practices are used by most private organizations in general and by sector of…


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