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    Agile Pitfalls

    By MacIsaac, Michael For the past 10 years, I've helped organizations become agile. Working with a range of companies across industries, I've noticed their agile transformation struggles tend to be similar. Here are…

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    Unfamiliar Territory

    By Rockwood, Kate Size and agility don't always go hand in hand, but it's precisely the combination that large organizations need to become disrupters in today's fast-changing business environment. That's why some of…

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    Head Start

    By Elton, Catherine The future has arrived in Singapore. The densely populated city-state is quickly becoming a bleeding-edge incubator where robots bus trays at food courts and streets are scattered with driverless…

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    Fortune tellers

    By Sultan, Saleh | Casey, Alan | Castellan, Martin | Dunston, Laurie N. The month of December is the time when many make predictions for the upcoming year. This article features four project professionals forecasting changes that will occur in the project management…