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    PMO Possibilities

    By Scott, Lindsay Lindsay Scott, direct of program and project management recruitment at Arras People (London), offers career advice for project practitioners looking to move up into program management and for…

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    Delivering on a Promise

    By Cohen, Yael The way your organization handles proposals has a big impact on the projects themselves. That makes it crucial for project managers to pay attention to the proposal process.

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    Safety in numbers

    By Rockwood, Kate Every project has risks. Whether the cost of a building material suddenly spikes, the value of a currency nose-dives or the regulatory landscape changes mid-project, realized risks can kill a…

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    Estimate, then repeat

    By LeBard, Ed Imagine you discover your construction project has been using outdated pricing estimates. When the current figures come in, you realize that you've derailed your project and your relationship with…

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    The 20 - percent solution

    By Smith, Ronald B. Most recently baselined project plans are inaccurate because they have unrealistic start dates, finish dates, work hours, costs and/or durations. Poor estimating during the planning phase is a big…

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    Measuring delay

    By Rajagopalan, Sriram Project managers can evaluate the cost of schedule delays and proactively manage resources by envisioning delay as a pseudo-resource, measuring the difference between actual finish and baseline…

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    A low tolerance for error

    By Bertsche, Rachel Eight common causes of project cost estimating errors and how to avoid them--from relying overmuch on past costs, to embracing public-sector optimism, or dealing with executive pressure for…

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    Imposed deadline syndrome

    By Heerkens, Gary Contributing editor Gary Heerkens encourages practitioners to learn to generate bottom-up schedule and cost estimates that deliver realistic goals to senior management, responsibilities that seem to…

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    7 Tips for estimating your projects

    By Bisson, Christian Christian Bisson, PMP, shares seven tips that can help practitioners arrive at useful and accurate estimates.

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    Enjoy the ride

    By Haak, Emma With so many up-front investments required in the competitive business of amusement parks, project managers are pressed to keep grounded so a new park or ride can open on time.