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    When second means best

    By Swanson, Sandra You're familiar with the scenario: Your team has persevered through a complex, big-budget project for a year, and you're only weeks from a new product launch. Then one day, you hear startling news:…

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    Keeping it real

    By Hendershot, Steve Left on the outside, many project managers have conjured up their own idea of how strategic planning meetings work: Executives huddle around a conference table, plotting projects that will be…

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    Miracles do happen

    By Zachariah, Jacob Experienced project professionals have long touted the importance of planning a project before launching the actual effort. This article reports how one project manager relied on a year-long…

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    New thinking pays off for plant project

    By Spanholtz, Detlev | Stokes, Jim Xaloy Inc. of Pulaski, Va., managed an international start-up project to build a high-tech fabrication plant in Thailand. Production began 11 months after project approval, and completed within a…

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    Setting the stage for a new profession

    By Webster, Francis Marion This article offers a short history of project management practices and the development of the project management profession as it took place following World War II. The needs of the defense and…