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    Full Recovery member content locked

    Hurricane Katrina decimated thousands of buildings in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, in 2005, including a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facility that served approximately 40,000…

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    A Room of Her Own member content locked

    By Ali, Ambreen The wallpaper at The Wing in Washington, D.C., USA is the first indication that this is not your typical gathering space. Illustrations of Frances Perkins, Nellie Tayloe Ross and other prominent…

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    Building Bridges member content locked

    When a student project team from Pennsylvania State University set out to build a pedestrian bridge in Machacamarca, Bolivia, it quickly realized that engineering is but one part of a successful…

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    Deep Dive member content locked

    PM Network interviews Shaun Roedel, VP, Subsea Manufactured Products, Oceaneering, Houston, Texas, USA.

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    Ready To Disrupt member content locked

    Metric depiction on talent development.

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    How Not To Start A Project Management Career member content locked

    By Bishel, Ashley Nobody's perfect. Even the most seasoned and self-assured project manager was once a mistake-prone rookie. That's a reality today's new project professionals must embrace—whether they are new to the…

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    3D Printing Takes to the Skies member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The U.S. space shuttle had over 2.5 million parts—an incredible feat of engineering, but also a staggering number of pieces that could break. Recently, aerospace companies have been embracing 3D…

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    Roll Call member content locked

    As the range of stakeholders in the business world widens, organizations—and project teams—must ensure strong engagement at all levels.

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    Cognitive Care member content locked

    Artificial intelligence (AI) might be just what the doctor ordered. Healthcare organizations are collaborating with scientists and tech companies to launch R&D and pilot projects. The goal is to…

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    Moon Shadow member content locked

    How long do the full benefits of a space probe project take to realize? A decade, in the case of a research team based at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. The team applied a fresh analysis to data…


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