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  • Project Management Journal

    Investigating the “Socio” in Socio-Technical Development member content locked

    By Hennel, Phil | Rosenkranz, Christoph We propose a model that conceptualizes the effects of psychological safety and (social) agile practices on team performance.

  • PM Network

    Bridging Ambition and Ability

    By Parsi, Novid Agile is everywhere, but not every organization is ready for it. According to the 12th annual State of Agile survey published by CollabNet VersionOne, 41 percent of organizations cite a lack of…

  • PM Network

    The Right Tact

    By Rockwood, Kate In an agile environment, project teams must communicate and collaborate without missing a beat. But with so many quick-hit standup meetings and blunt talk, thoughtful engagement can often get lost…

  • PM Network

    Leadership Limbo

    By Fewell, Jesse With the rising popularity of agile methods, we see more self-organizing teams and specialized roles creeping into project managers' responsibilities. This raises a question: what does the modern…

  • PM Network

    Agile must-haves

    By O'Connor, Gerald Although agile approaches do not prioritize processes, tools and documentation, agile isn't anarchy. In fact, three factors are required for a great experience with agile: a great coach, leadership,…

  • PM Network

    Managing up

    Practitioners share their insights on successfully engaging project sponsors, from tips on gaining their trust and confidence to working with these execs in an agile environment.

  • PM Network

    Virtually agile

    By Fewell, Jesse With today's technology, virtual teams can reproduce the same dynamic as face-to-face communication. Contributing Editor Jesse Fewell provides insights for managing distributed teams the agile way.

  • PM Network

    Agile without anarchy

    By Fewell, Jesse Numerous executives and project practitioners worry that agile's dedication to self-organized teams leads to anarchy. Or worse, the teams develop a do-whatever-we-want-attitude. Accordingly, the…

  • PM Network

    The incredible shrinking team

    By Ladika, Susan Worldwide, companies are responding to the volatility shaping the current economy by reducing their investments in projects. As a result, project teams are increasingly smaller and increasingly…