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    A Tight Spot

    By Ali, Ambreen Automakers have long been focused on perfecting the technology to move a car autonomously from Point A to Point B. Now, with fully autonomous vehicles inching toward mainstream reality, car…

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    3D Printing Takes to the Skies

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The U.S. space shuttle had over 2.5 million parts—an incredible feat of engineering, but also a staggering number of pieces that could break. Recently, aerospace companies have been embracing 3D…

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    Forward Charge

    By Greengard, Samuel The rules of the road are changing. Electric vehicles (EVs) are going to be cheaper to buy than internal combustion engine vehicles by 2029 and will outsell them by 2040, according to Bloomberg New…

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    The Next Industrial Revolution

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Today's assembly lines are rolling with change. Whether they produce vehicles, athletic shoes or smartphones, manufacturers are transforming their factories to keep pace with digital disruption.…

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    Systematic innovation

    By Domb, Ellen | King, Bob | Tate, Karen The creative process involved in the development of new products is not one of blind chance but rather one that can be learned and encouraged and evolved through structured creativity methods.…

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    From the Viper Pit

    By Sjoberg, Roy | Royer, James | Rightler, Charles When US automaker Chrysler showcased--at the 1989 North American International Auto Show--its dream version of a high-performance car, it was surprised by the overwhelming consumer enthusiasm the…