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  • TCPI member content open

    By Scott, William J. This paper examines the to-complete performance index (TCPI) as one of the forecasting tools of earned value management (EVM). It explores why project personnel should care about earned value…

  • EVM--a disciplined approach to project management member content open

    By Terrell, Michael S. | Singleton, Cindy J. Earned value management (EVM) is a system of project controls based on a structured approach to planning, cost control, and schedule performance measurement. EVM is not the objective of project…

  • Earned value management member content open

    By Heinlein, J. W. | Craig, Christopher | Perotti, John | Pearson, Megan | Wooten, Teressa | Balderson, Lucas Growing pressure on federal budgets creates the strategic imperative to increase the transparency of the performance of agencies' mission-critical investments, as well as heighten their realized…

  • The value of earned value management member content open

    By Fostel, Chris Earned value management (EVM) delivers three distinct values for those who fully understand how to use it: The first and primary benefit is the ability to predict project success or failure early…

  • Advances in earned schedule and earned value management member content open

    By Anbari, Frank T. Earned value management (EVM) is a powerful methodology that gives executives, project managers, and other stakeholders the ability to visualize project status throughout the project life cycle and…

  • Resource-based earned value management system (EVMS) member content open

    By Gardner, Phillip | Rosenthal, Ronald Among the biggest challenges to implementing a full-scale earned value management system (EVMS) is reconciling true actual cost in an organization's accounting system to the project. The company's…

  • The truth about preparedness for any EVMS assessment by others member content open

    By Brodkorb, Richard The paper focuses on lessons learned and best practices to reach a high state of readiness for a serious audit of your earned value management systems (EVMS) design and use. Excellent preparedness…

  • PM Network

    Keeping score member content open

    By Bowles, Michelle A new triumvirate of project metrics has risen to the forefront to take its place beside ROI: customer satisfaction, human resources (HR), and risk management. This article discusses how…

  • A summary measurement of engineering productivity at the project level member content open

    By Liao, Pin-Chao | Thomas, Stephen R. Organizations have long attempted to develop metrics that would enable them to accurately, effectively, and efficiently measure the performance of their personnel. This article examines how project…

  • EVM "lite"--a deliverables-based approach member content open

    By Forman, James B. | Somerville, Dermot By using earned value management (EVM), project managers can effectively track the progression of their projects. Despite its numerous advantages, the approach also often involves costs and overhead…