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  • Retaining project managers--an empirical analysis of the antecedents to project manger's satisfaction and intention to quit member content open

    By Ekrot, Bastian | Kock, Alexander | Rank, Johannes | Gemünden, Hans Georg Prior research has shown the importance of the project manager position for project success. Since organizations conduct more and more project-based undertakings, the demand for motivated, satisfied…

  • Project allocation model member content open

    By Batista de Oliveira, Elaine Cristina | Alencar, Luciana Hazin | Costa, Ana Paula Cabral Siexas The problem of allocating projects to project managers arises in companies that simultaneously conduct multiple projects. This study presents an approach to allocating projects to project managers…

  • Understanding relationship based procurement in the construction sector member content open

    By Walker, Derek H. T. | Lloyd-Walker, Beverley This paper presents a summary of core findings from recent research funded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) with assistance from a parallel complimentary study undertaken with Australian…

  • Competency framework alignment member content open

    By Richardson, Tracey M. | Marion, James W. This research examines the available literature to identify any linkages between military experience as a predictor of success when applied to project management roles within industry. Anecdotal…

  • A typology framework for virtual project teams member content open

    By Ludden, Padhraic | Ledwith, Ann In the modern work environment, the need for organizations and people to work on a global level has increased. Today, the team as a grouping of co-located people working for a common purpose is no…

  • Information contingencies in the virtual teams of global new product development projects member content open

    By Lohikoski, Päivi | Kujala, Jaakko | Haapasalo, Harri | Ala-Mursula, Leena Virtual teams are increasingly common in global businesses, and it is easy to establish a team of experts located across the globe, collaborating by email, tele- and web-conferencing, and other…

  • Finding the right person for the job member content open

    By Geraldi, Joana G. | Pellegrinelli, Sergio | Maylor, Harvey In the quest for improving levels of program and project performance, one logical contributor is the matching of managers to the nature of the work being undertaken. The argument is that the better…

  • Predicting team performance based on past individual achievements using artificial neural networks member content open

    By Hedberg, Fredrik | Granqvist, Ida | Nilsson, Emma | Skjutar, Kristin | Torstensson, Patrik Ever since the Roman Empire, groups have been composed, compared, and contrasted based on individual performance. However, which are the key determinants of group performance? Is it possible to…

  • Using performance evaluations to raise individual accountability on project teams member content open

    By McNeil, Jeanne Projects create an environment where resources are loaned to a project manager to complete certain responsibilities of a project. Many times these resources do not report directly to the project…

  • Human resources in project-based firms member content open

    By Söderlund, Jonas | Borg, Elisabeth | Bredin, Karin This paper is about people in project-based firms, in particular, the type of project-based firm that relies heavily on knowledge workers. We focus on contracted technical consultants involved in…