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  • A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilful Sailor member content open

    By Bonghez, Simona | Grigoroiu, Adina In Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide (Project Management Institute, 2013), change management is presented as an essential organizational capability that cascades across and…

  • Engaging your team to greater project performance member content open

    By Woods, Juanita M. Managers and executives have understood the importance of employee engagement for the last two decades, however, many engagement programs are falling short of the desired goal. According to a recent…

  • Developing superior project teams at NASA member content open

    By Suda, Lawrence V. Although there is widespread belief that overall project success is often heavily based on an effective team, there is no empirical evidence to support this belief. In this paper, the author…

  • This IS your grandfather's project management: Building a trust-based team member content open

    By Thuerbach, Cathy A project team lacking trust is not really a team; rather, it is just a group of people, working together, often struggling with issues, missing deadlines, and having disappointing results. Without…

  • The human factor in project management member content open

    By Ciccotti, Kevin One of the biggest challenges to successful project implementation is the evolution of the project team. The challenge of taking a diverse group of individuals, with varying backgrounds and…

  • Why some teams flop, while other teams rock! member content open

    By Flahiff, Joseph No other single factor has as much predictive power of the success or failure of your projects and programs than the health of your teams. Today, more and more work is being performed by teams, both…

  • Diversity and team performance: Selecting your traveling squad member content open

    By Bailey, Rodney | Bailey, Joe All too frequently, organizational leaders tend to define diversity in very conventional terms, focusing on selection processes for hiring and promoting, and doing so in a way that is fair and open…

  • Leadership and team dynamics in the new millennium member content open

    By Raghupathy, Shobhna There is a pronounced shift in the demands confronting organizational leadership, and these changes are a reflection of shifts in the global marketplace. With globalization, companies need to…

  • Building the PM organization: Trends in salaries, supply, and development member content open

    By Bashrum, Mark Many project organizations are increasingly challenged with talent supply, development, and retention issues as projects grow in size and complexity to cope with the demands of prescribed business…

  • Ground rules for a high performing team member content open

    By Stuart, Andy In today's rapidly changing business environment teams are required to react quickly to change in order for companies to stay competitive and be more relevant in the marketplace. The agility of…