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  • Motivational tactics and techniques for largely volunteer - based organizations member content open

    By Sattler, Benjamin | Chapperpaul, Davendra Organizations largely comprised of volunteers present challenges and uncertainties, and often managers find that the motivational techniques used effectively with traditional paid employees are not…

  • How to successfully use social media on your projects member content open

    By Fichtner, Cornelius The use of social media has become integrated into work and everyday life for a growing percentage of the world's population. In this paper, the author explores the effective use of social media in…

  • Cupping therapy for healthy project teams member content open

    By Hassan, Mohamed Khalifa | Ilyas, Muhammad A. B. Cupping therapy is an ancient Arabic form of alternative medicine in which toxic fluids get drained out of the body through local suction and carried out through incisions on the skin. Though it has…

  • The importance of culture when managing international projects member content open

    By Hehl, Mark C. The challenges in managing a globally dispersed project team are many. Not only must project managers develop strategies that enable team members to communicate and collaborate, they must also…

  • Don't make an ass out of you and me--using assumptions effectively member content open

    By Kinser, John When developing project plans, estimates, and objectives, all project participants--project managers, team members, and stakeholders--make an array of assumptions that influence their decisions…

  • Situational project management member content open

    By Davis, David L. Project team conflicts can break a project effort. But when facilitated by an experienced project manager, teams can overcome such differences and instead focus their energies on working together to…

  • Globalization member content open

    By Duranti, Giancarlo As more organizations extend their reach globally, more project managers are leading project teams composed of individuals from different cultures. This paper examines the complexities involved in…

  • Intercultural communication in global business member content open

    By Dzenowagis, Anastasia The Internet and advanced technology now enables organizations and individuals to communicate worldwide and collaborate globally. But to successfully communicate across borders, organizations and…

  • How to provide effective feedback to team members member content open

    By Jen, Rubin Helping project team members excel involves providing them with timely, accurate, and constructive feedback on their performance. This paper examines an approach that project managers can use when…

  • Securing software and data for today's dispersed project teams member content open

    By Leighton, Eric As today's marketplace becomes increasingly international, more organizations are relying on globally dispersed teams to implement mission-critical projects. But granting these teams remote access…