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  • Investments in a turbulent world member content open

    By Van Broeck, Jan Over the last several years, there has been a growing interest in project portfolio management, from both a strategic perspective (do the right projects) and an operational perspective (do the…

  • Strategic thinking for today's project managers member content open

    By Reynolds, Kris To achieve results in today's rapidly changing marketplace, project managers must dig out of the day-to-day minutia and break free from "how we've always done it" to spend more time thinking…

  • Project selection and termination--how executives get trapped member content open

    By Meyer, Werner G. Many organizations deal with the challenge of choosing among projects that compete for resources. These choices often involve considering the termination of non-performing projects in favor of new,…

  • Identifying and selling enterprise-wide strategic project initiatives member content open

    By Blankenheim, Jim | Steele, Lynn Clemmons This paper presents an enterprise-wide approach for identifying strategic initiatives and provides project sponsors with the substantiation needed to promote their initiatives in competition with…

  • Project risk analysis to support strategic and project management member content open

    By El-Mehalawi, Mohamed E. Successful project cost and schedule risk management is always capable of informing project management of "where the project is" and "where the project is going" in the future. Current project…

  • In the eyes of the beholder member content open

    By Deguire, Manon Understanding the correct definitions and key characteristics of projects is of significant importance for the discipline of project management to continue to develop at all levels of the…

  • Troubled projects! Troubled selection process? member content open

    By Thiry, Michel | Deguire, Manon Even projects that meet targets can fail if those targets are not aligned to organizational strategy. This paper examines how organizations can select projects and programs that align with business…

  • Navigating the seven C's to project success member content open

    By Dye, Lowell D. Strategy is what enables organizations to operate effectively--and successfully. This paper examines seven dimensions of decision making that significantly affect how well organizations implement…

  • Implementação e operação de PMO: a abordagem de uma empresa Brasileira: Caso Serasa S.A. member content open

    By Silva, Maria Sol Fernandes Marques da Este artigo trata da experiência de uma empresa brasileira, Serasa S.A. na criação, na implementação e na operação de um escritório de projetos(PMO) para o acompanhamento dos projetos de forma…

  • Analysing and dealing with key organisational factors affecting the design and execution of projects and programmes member content open

    By Pellegrinelli, Sergio Most methodologies for managing projects and programs outline a formal process but ignore the organizational issues--the contextual factors--that can affect an initiative's outcome. This paper…