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    From finish to start

    By Pappas, Lorna Executive involvement in projects provides managers and teams with the direction they need to realize recognized objectives and prevent any miscommunication that may cause project delays or project…

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    Lead by example

    By Haynes, Meghan Project manager David Taylor--author of The Naked Leader and the keynote speaker for PMI Global Congress 2005--EMEA--has studied the world's top leaders in order to demystify and clarify the…

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    A silver bullet?

    By Whitten, Neal This brief article notes that there is no technological or management substitute for the power of passion, boldness, and focus in successful project management.

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    Bridging the gap

    By Fister Gale, Sarah There is a new breed of project manager arriving on the scene. It is a breed unlike any before them, a breed with an extraordinarily sophisticated acumen for using technology, a breed highly skilled…

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    The heart of the matter

    By Gault, Kevin When Alegent Health's Immanuel Heart Center (Omaha, NE, USA) decided to build an innovative (US) $2 million, 20-bed cardiovascular care unit, they reached out to other USA-based healthcare providers…

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    Making the best of project termination

    By Baker, Bud This installment of AskPMNetwork looks at motivating team members to wrap-up a terminated project effectively and advises strong leadership and redefining objectives from a typical concentration on…

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    Beyond the hype

    By Fister Gale, Sarah | Mersino, Anthony During the past decade, many educators and journalists have touted the significance of developing emotional intelligence as a method for helping leaders achieve success. This article examines the…

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    Well-oiled machinery

    By Haynes, Meghan As project managers struggle to balance all of the concerns involved in successfully realizing a project, they may overlook their most fundamental resource--their project team. This article, based…

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    Doing the numbers

    By Hutchins, Greg When this author delivered a career development lecture to a PMI chapter, he asked his audience: "How many of you know your company's business model and how your project is aligned with your…

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    In the loop

    By Somani, Sheilina An organization's maturity is determined by many factors, one of which is its process for negotiating project contracts. Mature organizations involve their project managers in project contract…