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  • PM Network

    Let there be light

    By Landry, Meredith A light emitting diode (LED) installation project at the Vatican's Sistine Chapel is profiled. Read highlights of the project phases, including requirements, testing and risk mitigation that ensured…

  • Project Management Journal

    Toward high reliability project organizing in safety-critical projects member content locked

    By Saunders, Fiona C. High reliability organizations claim to be special organizations that have consistently demonstrated safe performance in operating environments, which are simultaneously of high technical complexity…

  • PM Network

    A watershed moment

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Organizations across sectors, from fashion to pharmaceuticals, are launching major projects and programs to mitigate water risks throughout their supply chains and operations, with the added benefit…

  • PM Network

    Beyond project risks

    By Crook, Joel In "Beyond Project Risks," author and expert Joel Crook, PMP, PgMP, explains the essential role of enterprise risk management (ERM) in strategic planning and growth at the organizational level.

  • PM Network

    A sinking feeling

    By Parsi, Novid Rising sea levels are impinging on coastal cities. Risk management programs, such as building sea walls and draining systems and establishing pumping stations are part of a decades-long timeline in…

  • PM Network

    Data under lock and key

    By Schomer, Stephanie Project teams are responding to the heightened pressure to defend the security of data centers. "Data Under Lock and Key" explores some of the security features involved in such projects from two U…

  • PM Network

    Mission critical

    By Alderton, Matt The Ebola outbreak of December 2013 has spurred numerous initiatives in the healthcare sector. Three case studies spotlight projects responding to public health crises in an increasingly…

  • PM Network

    Building a legacy

    By Fister Gale, Sarah For 13 years, the project to build a memorial and a museum on the site where the twin towers fell on September 11, 2001 faced a series of setbacks. As one practitioner says, "Most projects have a…

  • PM Network

    Tunnel troubles

    By Wright, M. A plan to build a highway tunnel under the city of Seattle has become a public lesson in what can go wrong with a project, as crews attempt to repair the world's largest tunnel-boring machine, Big…

  • PM Network

    Crisis mode

    By Landry, Joan As a project manager, what can you do to prepare for crisis events? Program manager of crisis management, Joan Landry, PMP, offers tips on planning for crises and dealing with their aftermath.