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  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project urgency

    By Sotthewes, Steven Managing projects generates much data that can help project managers track the project's progress and understand its status, providing them with the information they need not only to estimate…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project manager--the systems integrator

    By Stuckenbruck, Linn C. Functional managers and project managers perform many of the same activities--planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Both types also work to create environments that help…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project management using GERT analysis

    By Taylor, Bernard W. Since the 1950s, project managers have used network modeling techniques--such as PERT and critical path method (CPM)--to plan and control their projects. But because PERT and CPM proved prohibitive,…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Total project management

    By Stinson, Ronald C. To improve project outcomes, more utility companies are using project management to implement projects. This development provides functionally structured utilities with the managerial unity they…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Owner oriented information systems for multi-project control

    By Harrison, D. Brian During the 1970s, many organizations shifted their contracting practices away from fixed-price contracts. To meet this change, project owners developed approaches for controlling project management…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    The procurement function at H. K. Ferguson Company

    By MacDonald, D. A. To provide a forum for its members to publicly discuss project management approaches and techniques, PMI's Northern California Chapter organized a lecture series on this subject in relation to…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project management in costly environments

    By Britney, Robert R. To make the cost-conscious decisions, project managers must understand that every project delay and mistake involves a real cost consequence and that many unnecessary costs often result from…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Integrated project control--the management concept

    By Hollander, Gerhard L. To resolve a project system's deficiencies, organizations will often develop supplementary solutions. But such solutions increase overhead and often hinder performance more than these improve it.…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Literature review

    By Youker, Robert This issue of "Literature Review" is dedicated to references in the area of managing change. Whenever we try to install a new project management system we are introducing change into an organization…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Improving construction communications

    By Borcherding, John D. Research has shown that when project teams communicate openly and often, they are more likely to achieve an outcome that meets their project's intended objectives. This article examines how…


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