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    Pushing tactics

    By Bigelow, Deborah Much recent literature has addressed the need for project managers to align their projects with corporate strategy. This article looks at how project managers can align their tactics with corporate…

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    A household name

    By Ladika, Susan As more and more worldwide organizations realize the strategic advantage that project-based initiatives provide in responding to today's highly competitive global marketplace, executives are…

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    Cash on delivery

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Risk-based pay models are a growing trend in multinational companies interested in providing incentives to their project managers. Connecting the salary and bonus rewards of project managers to the…

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    Course correction

    By Stern, Gary M. Global markets are subject to frequent upheavals-such as those caused by mergers, reorganizations, and disaster impacts-and these upheavals can disrupt or radically alter project plans. Adaptation…

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    Make it happen

    By Goldsmith, Marshall It is a leader's commitment to excellence that often determines the success of their endeavors. But sometimes, such commitment is a liability that prevents progress. This article features one of the…

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    Show competency

    By Bigelow, Deborah The author reports that organizations can increase productivity and return on investment (ROI) by improving the competency of its project management staff. The author also describes steps for…

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    Break out of the boardroom

    By LaLomia, Mark | Freitas, Paul This article profiles the effort by the program control office (PCO) of National Grange Mutual Insurance Company to inaugurate a new project planning process. Initially, a task force looked at range…

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    By Bucero, Alfonso Before organizations begin practicing project management, they must first buy it. In this article, the author issues a call to project managers worldwide: Advance the field of project management by…

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    Forge ahead

    By Jackson, Lynne Those companies that expand or diversify too rapidly often lose focus of their organizational objectives; as a result, they frequently initiate projects that fail to align with their core business…

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    The future is EPM

    By Bigelow, Deborah Practicing enterprise program management (EPM) allows organizations to establish business processes and project priorities that they can then map in relation to corporate objectives. This article…