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    Over a barrel

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Dropping crude oil prices have pushed oil exploration and drilling projects below the break-even point. The pressure is on project managers to deal with tightening budgets and project scopes and…

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    Terminal velocity

    By Jones, Tegan Singapore's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal experienced a scope increase of 40 percent midstream; however, future expansion for facilities was built into the design. Other factors…

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    Consolidated effort

    By Schupak, Amanda A case study details an initiative to consolidate the number of billing centers run by the U.S. Veterans Health Administration from 153 to seven. Project managers planned ahead, overseeing the…

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    Myth busters

    By Schupak, Amanda Budget, schedule and scope are only the beginning. Project management is no static set of routines. It's a constantly evolving, open-to-innovation process. This article debunks five misconceptions…

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    The cost of change

    By Heerkens, Gary Change in scope easily ranks among the top issues that keep project managers awake at night. At the project's launch, the scope, schedule and budget are determined and then somewhere during the…

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    Value proposition

    By Fewell, Jesse Agile approaches are often considered only for slippery-scope projects in which the sponsor piles on work and the project manager gladly adds time to the schedule and spends more money. This article…

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    Command and control

    By Nekrasova, Elena | Griffiths, James | Bleen, Jennifer | Nelson, Trevor K. | Hewett, Jackie Nearly every project falls victim to scope creep. This article features five project professionals discussing how scope creep can be prevented. In doing so, it cites the difference between change…

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    Change is good

    By Hunsberger, Kelley Two words project managers do not like to hear are scope creep. However, for project managers working with the agile methodology, it does not have to be that scary. This article explores how agile…

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    To the End Zone

    By Burba, Donovan The National Football League's (NFL) Dallas Cowboys franchise has long been called America's team. To provide this team with a new stadium that could showcase their games in a way that matches their…

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    The new permanent

    The recession forced companies to lay off project managers in droves, but that doesn’t mean their roles vanished. Many of the jobs have simply transitioned from full-time salaried positions to…