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  • Three proven ways business analysts help prevent scope creep member content open

    By Carkenord, Barbara A. Most scope creep occurs because of a lack of agreement among stakeholders, an inconsistent understanding, or a lack of sufficient analysis in development of the product or solution scope. Business…

  • Taking requirements to the next level member content open

    By Burek, Paul If a project suffers from vague or misunderstood requirements, missing information, or an unclear definition of scope, project failure may be imminent. These problems can occur with any type of…

  • Scope and stakeholder management member content open

    By Orlando, Doug Project managers must avoid scope creep during projects, yet scope change should be embraced and used to enhance project outcome. Drawing from the Project Management Institute's A Guide to the…

  • From total project scope to total project control member content open

    By Piney, Crispin | Reiser, Werner This paper provides a practical and reliable method for developing and maintaining a work breakdown structure (WBS) and ensures consistency with the contract or statement of work on which the…

  • The scope crept, the risks leapt! member content open

    By Walker, Loran W Everything is under control. The initiation of the project went smoothly. The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis was complete. The project plan came together without a…

  • Scope--mastering the fuzzy constraint member content open

    By Bigelow, Brad Time, scope, and cost are known as the "triple constraints" of project management. Time and cost are relatively easy to understand because they can be easily quantified. Scope, on the other hand, is…

  • Creating bulletproof business cases member content open

    By Larson, Richard | Larson, Elizabeth Inadequate or non-existent business cases usually result in unclear project scope. This often leads to scope creep, which results in rework, cost overruns, delays, etc. In addition, inappropriate…

  • Influence of the scope statement on the WBS member content open

    By Burek, Paul What is the biggest challenge you have experienced when asked to prepare a work breakdown structure (WBS) deliverable at the beginning of your project? This paper focuses on techniques a project…

  • Managing Size Creep in Software Development Projects member content open

    By Leinen, Robert D. Over the last 30 to 40 years, the software industry has grown from small entrepreneurial ventures to an enormous entity that in one form or another plays a critical role in most business today. As…