An innovative observatory of polar expedition projects

an investigation of organizing

The purpose of this article is to present a methodology for investigating projects of polar expeditions: in situ, in vivo, and in extenso. It is a new kind of qualitative methodology in that, classically, this type of method mostly focuses on “ways of saying” (Hlady Rispal, 2002), whereas we concentrate on “ways of doing” (Lièvre & Rix-Lièvre, 2009). The aim is to study the actuality of the collective action of organizing in its totality. It is guided by the description of “organizing” as defined by Weick. This case is built from information gathered by two actors engaged in the expedition, each one collecting data in a specific perspective. The first data collection was dedicated to collective dimensions. The multimedia logbook is filled in by a researcher in a posture of observant participation, relying on paper or video traces regularly collected throughout the project. These traces are then shaped to make a narrative.
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