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Across the Board: Don Stinson

ANHAM LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Don Stinson, ANHAM LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Global contracting company ANHAM LLC has relied on project management since it opened in 2004. Don Stinson, a program manager assigned in Iraq, talks about how project management provides an organized and systematic approach in all areas of business, from developing new products to negotiating contracts.

How does project management further ANHAM's strategic objectives?

Project management principles are applied across the board at ANHAM and enable us to comprehensively plan for new business and to ensure projects stay within scope, time and budget constraints.

Good project management practices support our ability to obtain new business and develop or refine project processes. Such refinement can then be used to enhance other projects. Constantly reviewing and refining the way we do business allows ANHAM to be a global competitor.

What role do best practices play in your project management process?

My approach to project management is to always ask the question, “Can we do it better, faster and within the scope?” Given this approach, you never have to settle for the old adage, “We have always done it this way.”

However, best practices are extremely useful in setting standards across the broad spectrum of projects that ANHAM employees manage. One way we communicate best practices is through the use of written procedures that solidify how we conduct maintenance at each of our sites. Although these procedures are written, they're flexible enough that we can change them to reflect better ways of conducting our day-to-day operations.

What improvements has ANHAM seen from using project management?

The primary benefit is a systematic approach to resolving operational issues. Most recently, we benefited from these management methods by developing a web-based enterprise management application. This system was implemented in September 2006 and has become an integral part of our operations in Iraq.

ANHAM has 10 locations there, plus major support offices in Jordan and the United States, and this system enables our team to manage complex and time-sensitive requirements on a routine basis. In addition, a bilingual English-Arabic interface makes it possible for us to rely on a predominately Iraqi data-entry staff and to make critical data available to a broader audience of Iraqi leaders. The system also tracks key performance metrics that are routinely reported to responsible managers and highlights operational or data deficiencies so they can be addressed promptly. PM

My approach to project management is to always ask the question, “Can we do it better, faster and within the scope?”

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