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Retrospective application of project management software as a planning tool

a case study examining the preparation of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency "air quality criteria document"

There are now more than 400 commercially available project management software programs, and all offer users the tools they need to plan schedules, allocate resources, and monitor projects. But such systems are only useful when these help project managers make informed time and resource decisions and manage projects comprised of numerous complicated tasks. This article outlines a method for overcoming the obstacles involved in using these systems to develop and articulate sound project plans, a method that uses Microsoft Office because this system is compatible with an interactive system based on the critical path method (CPM) and because it produces Gantt charts, calendars, and other key tables and documents. It examines the proposed method in relation to an effort to prepare a Lead Criteria Document (LCD) for the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency.
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