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Asian Organizations May Need to Rethink Their Office Norms

To boost innovation and help teams gel, Asian organizations may want to rethink office norms—and give employees the freedom to choose where and when they work.


High-performance workplaces* in Asia are more likely to have managers who let employees work where and when they perform best.

Team members at more balanced organizations are more likely to believe** that their manager gives them the flexibility to do their best work:


*High-performance or “balanced” workplaces effectively prioritize both individual and collaborative work.

**Employees were asked how much they agree, on a 1-5 scale (with 5 being complete agreement), that their manager lets them work how they work best.

Less time in the office doesn't correlate with lower performance.

image 62% Time spent in office during workweek at high-performing Asian workplaces
image 76% Time spent in office during workweek at low-performing Asian workplaces

Source: Asia Workplace Survey, Gensler, 2016

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