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Bibliographies on project management

Ed. note: As a result of a contract with the Agency for International Development of the U.S. Department of State, Bob Youker prepared a Directory of Training Resources in Project Management in the following categories:

1. Books

2. Articles

3. Bibliographies

4. Case Studies

5. Multi-Media Training Packages

6. Movies

7. Training Programs and Institutions

8. Consultants and Trainers in Project Management

9. Professors in Project Management

10. CPM Computer Softwear Programs

As each category of materials is complete, they will be published in the Project Management Quarterly on a regular basis. Previous issues contained a listing of self-teaching materials in project management and a list of case studies.

Robert B. Youker

PERT Guide for Management Use, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (D1.62:P94/2, June 1963). Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C., 20402.

Arrow Diagramming Bibliography, (1957 to 1974), Brown and Root, Inc., Houston, Texas 77001. A series of complete lists of articles on arrow diagramming for project management including books and articles.

Project Management and Control — NASA, Literature Search Number 16785, (Machine Search — 141, 1966 to 1971), NASA Scientific and Technical Information Facility. A NASA literature search on project management and control from 1966 through 1971.

On the Project Manager and Project Organization, (Vol. II, No. 1, March 1971), Project Management Quarterly.

An Inventory of PMI Seminar Proceedings, (19691973), Project Management Quarterly. A list of papers given at PMI conferences.

PERT — A DCC Special Bibliography, Defense Documentation Center, Defense Supply Agency, National Technical Info. Service, 5258 Port Royal Rd., Springfield, Va. 22151. A bibliography on PERT with long synopsis, but quite old.

Cases and Other Materials for the Teaching of Temporary Management Systems, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University, Soldiers Field, Boston, Mass. 02163. A set of materials put together in 1971 by Dr. Lawrence Bennigson.

PERT and CPM: A Selected Bibliography, Council of Planning Librarians, (Exchange Bibliography No. 53, June 1965), Mrs. Mary Vance, Editor, P.O. Box 229, Monticello, 111. 61856. A list by the Special Libraries Association on PERT and CPM, dated 1968.

Administering for Change Program, (October 1971), Research for Better Schools, Inc., 1700 Market St., Suite 1700, Phila., Pa. 19103. A review of articles on introducing change to organization with particular emphasis on educational institutions with a section on project management.

The third INTERNET international expert seminar took place in Zurich, Switzerland, June 2327, under the theme “Improving Project, Operations and Systems Management.” The seminar was attended by about eighty persons with the largest number of attendants from Holland and West Germany.

The expert seminars are conducted one year ahead of the INTERNET Congress and serve not only to exchange ideas but also to identify areas of interest and papers to be prepared for the Congress. This seminar was the prelude to the 1976 INTERNET Congress in England.

Principal moderators for this year’s seminar included Robert Gillis of Canada (Practice in Project Management), Geoffrey Trimble of England (Project Management Tools and Techniques), Ivars Avots, the only attendant from the U.S. (Operations and Systems Management), and E. Ruousch of Switzerland (Education and Training with Particular Emphasis on Developing Countries). President of the seminar was Roland Gutsch and Chairman, Professor H. Reschke, both of West Germany.

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