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Blending service provider-client project teams to achieve client trust

implications for project team trust, cohesion, and performance

Over the past several years, project managers have increasingly organized blended (service-provider and client) project teams. The field's perspective is that such teams can help project managers more easily earn a client's trust. But little research has verified the accuracy of this perspective. This article examines a survey of 31 project teams (20 blended, 11 non-blended) through which the author studies the dynamics of using blended project teams. In doing so, it overviews the field's literature on the benefits of co-production, noting the key concerns and issues (trust, boundaries, iteration) that researchers have studied to date. It defines three hypotheses that informed the author's research. It then outlines the survey methodology and defines the survey's four fields; it reports the results and analyzes the findings, listing the critical advantages and important limitation to using blended project teams.
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