Celebrating Smaller Delays

By 2018 the Portion of Projects Affected by Schedule Overrun had Dropped to under 20%


Buildings in Gurgaon, India

Schedule overruns affected nearly 30 percent of Indian infrastructure projects monitored by the government in 2014. By 2018, that had dropped to under 20 percent, even as the number of initiatives managed by the Central Sector Infrastructure Projects increased from 710 to 1,315.

In a report to the Indian Parliament, the minister for statistics and program implementation pointed to several major steps that have helped keep projects on schedule: more rigorous project appraisal, setting up change committees to manage time and cost overruns, and establishing state-level coordination committees to focus on speeding implementation.

The delays, the report found, are caused by land acquisition, forest clearance, equipment delivery, legal issues and funding constraints.

By 2018, the portion of projects affected by schedule overrun had dropped to under 20%.

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