A systematic study of change management during CMMI implementation

a modified activity theory perspective

This study proposed a modified activity theory framework, complemented by a dynamic time axis, to analyze each organizational change stage of a two-phase capability maturity model integration (CMMI) maturity level adoption case. Previous studies on CMMI and organizational change are reviewed. The activity theory is described and the research methodology is explained. A case study method was employed to seek out meaningful results using exploration, discovery, and inductive logic. The study revealed the following results: At the planning stage, the involvement of senior executives determined the positive attitude toward change. At the getting started stage, employees' clear recognition of change objectives determined the change effectiveness. At the letting go stage, department heads got involved, understood, and provided both support and mediating activities to achieve the actual benefits. At the completion stage, performance was used as a measurement tool to help internalize the change into new capabilities.
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