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Visa's Team Develops a Sound to Signal Virtual Transactions

The Visa logo is recognized across the globe, but the brand saw a big problem looming: The rise of e-commerce, mobile wallets and smart speakers means fewer transactions will require a physical credit card. So, to connect with customers beyond visuals, a project team was tasked with developing an auditory signature.

The team spent over a year developing a signature two-note chirp with universal appeal. That required creating and testing more than 200 potential sounds, using both focus groups across eight markets and neuroimaging to test people's physical reaction to certain sounds. “We wanted to make sure we had the global view. Not just four to five uninformed people deciding which sound won the popularity contest,” Visa's Lynne Biggar told The Wall Street Journal.


—Lynne Biggar of Visa, to The Wall Street Journal

The winning chirp—less than a second long—will sound every time customers complete a transaction, no matter what device is used to make the purchase.

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