A decision support system for predicting project success

the contingency approach

Governmental project selections are subjective.In an attempt to apply a decision support system using quantitative methods to determine project success, a Project Success Predictor Model was proposed to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Project Success Predictor Model is a software tool that can help predict project success for projects that are in process, about to be started, continued, or terminated.A comprehensive literature review was conducted which identified 12 models that could be considered for further scrutiny in developing the predictor model.Seven predictor variables were identified: Financial, NASA program management, NASA project management, government/external environment, external public environment, technology and public relations.Using a Delphi Inquiry, the Kendall Coefficient of Concordance, and regression analysis, quantitative values could be obtained. The resulting models can be applied to determine a potential success score for NASA projects under consideration.
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