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Delta Air Lines LAX 'Take 5' terminal

In 1988, construction was completed on the Delta Air Lines Terminal 5 at Los Angeles (United States) International Airport (LAX), a $75 million fast-track project that won the 1989 PMI Project of the Year Award. This article overviews this complex project, which was constructed in eighteen months, within budget, and without disrupting service to the airport. A project management team from the architectural/engineering firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson, & Mendenhall (DMJM) was charged with coordinating activities of the various stakeholders and contractors. The project was broken down into phases and pre-planning efforts resulted in a comprehensive plan and overall strategy. Among issues discussed are project delivery methods, contractor selection, and some of the engineering elements involved. Lessons learned included the need for better communications among those involved, as well as a common language among team members.
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