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Good leadership starts with a good attitude.



I used to have a bad attitude.

I was negative about my job and the projects I managed. I presented a poor image to my colleagues, team members and bosses, and spread negativity throughout the organization.

As I matured, I realized how badly I needed an attitude adjustment. It was only then that I could become a true leader.

There's a power within each of us that propels us in the direction of our dominant thoughts. The key word here is dominant. Your attitude shapes your ability to lead. Your team members use you as their reference point. They need to see you have confidence and that you believe in their projects from beginning to end.


Each of us has an internal voice, and many times what we hear is negative, critical and self-limiting. Perhaps you find yourself thinking, “I can't do this” or “I always mess things up.” These thoughts work against you.

imgYour attitude shapes your ability to lead. Your team members use you as their reference point. They need to see you have confidence and that you believe in their projects from beginning to end.

Many times, we don't consider the words we use on a regular basis and continually use negative ideas to express ourselves. Instead, repeat to yourself that you can—and will—meet the requirements of your project.

Sometimes a positive attitude and sincere passion can supercede even the greatest shortcoming. In 1992, when I was a project manager at HP Spain, I decided to present my first paper in English at a project management conference. The trouble was, I didn't speak English fluently. But I was willing to take a risk to fulfill a dream. I was nervous—yet in that moment, my level of English wasn't what was important; it was my passion telling my story to the audience. I believed in the project I was discussing and the experience I gained while leading my team.

A positive belief in yourself is the starting point for success. Since that first conference, I've presented at international congresses and symposiums, sharing my experiences in English with different audiences every year.

Of course, a little positive thinking is no guarantee of positive results. I'd be lying if I said the last five years were a never-ending string of successes. There have been some failures, and, you, too, will experience setbacks along the way. Still, if you continue to believe in yourself, you can overcome those obstacles. PM


Alfonso Bucero, MSc, PMP, is an independent consultant who manages projects throughout Europe and Asia. He is the author of Project Management—A New Vision and Today Is a Good Day: Attitudes for Achieving Project Success.

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