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Caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities of working in a project management office (PMO), directors can easily overlook the telltale signs of company dissatisfaction. Comments from stakeholders may range from mildly negative to harshly critical. This type of feedback should raise eyebrows--and prompt action from the PMO to rectify its standing in the organization. This article discusses how regular PMO reviews may help detect problems early in a PMO's life cycle and, as a result, keep dissatisfaction to a minimum. In doing so, it explains how to perform yearly PMO health checks to determine if it is adding value and identifies one of the most effective ways to garner feedback about the PMO's performance. Then, the article discusses how to devise corrective measures by starting with indifferent stakeholders. It explains how executive interviews serve as a guide to any issues the PMO needs to address and discusses the difference between the work charter and the PMO charter. It also examines the how training
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