Doctor's orders

Copenhagen, Denmark

Doctors have long struggled with the information overload that comes from studying a patient's health, from performing in-person examinations to searching through medical histories often housed on different operating systems. This article profiles how doctors at Thy-Mors Hospital (Copenhagen, Denmark) are more effectively analyzing patient health via a new medical imaging application developed by IBM, software that enables doctors to use a 3-D avatar of the human body to search medical records and keep track of a patient's health. In doing so, it describes the advantages of using this application and discusses the process that IBM used to gain the trust of European heathcare organizations, a stakeholder group that is traditionally skeptical of adopting new methods to perform their jobs. It then describes how the project team implemented the project's roll-out, which included managing the set-back that occurred when the Thy-Mors nursing staff unexpectedly went on strike just before the project's testing phase was scheduled to begin.
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