All Systems Go

Deanna Wise, PMP, executive vice president, CIO, Dignity Health, San Francisco, California, USA

Electronic health records (EHRs) deliver benefits to both patients and physicians. This article features the executive vice president and CIO at Dignity Health (San Francisco, California, USA) discussing how she is managing a five-year, US$1.83 billion rollout of an EHR system as stipulated by the U.S. Affordable Care Act, which needs to sync 40 hospitals and hundreds more ancillary care sites across 20 states--ll by mid-2016. It explains the translation between a high-level set of government criteria to an actual EHR project and looks at how this project differs from smaller scale IT projects. The article examines how stakeholder expectations are managed, noting that transparency is one of the most critical pieces of managing expectations. In addition, it explores whether the scope of this rollout requires the organization to think about project management differently. It concludes by detailing the next big technology that is going to transform the healthcare industry.
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