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Employment discrimination

another challenge for the project manager

Evidence shows that despite strides toward employment equality, discrimination exists in the world of project management.The definition of employment discrimination has been outlined in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, The Vocation Rehabilitation Act, and The Americans with Disabilities Act.To determine what types of discrimination exist in project management, the authors used these definitions to review 2405 employment discrimination claims that were closed by the Ohio Civil Rights Commission over the past 6 years.530 of the cases were identified as project management oriented.The results show that 42 percent of claimants were male, 58 percent female.Race and sex discrimination made up 51 percent of the claims, age made up 20 percent, with disability and retaliation accounting for 10 percent.Given these results, the project manager must champion equality in employment to provide a stable, fair work environment to help promote project success.
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