Transform for the Customer

Executives Are Bringing IT Projects Back In-House


of senior executives say digital transformation is their top strategic priority over the next two years.

49% expect their organization to be dramatically digitally transformed over the next two years.

#1 Rank of improving customer experience among drivers of digital transformation projects


To focus more effort on customer engagement, organizations are bringing IT projects back in-house.

Nearly 2x as many CEOs are building up IT capabilities in-house as are outsourcing them.


43% of organizations have dedicated teams for digital innovation.

Cross-functional teams of business, technology and user experience specialists correlate with high performance:


74% of top-performing* organizations resource digital projects this way.

65% of all other organizations resource these projects this way.

*Top-performing organizations reported revenue growth and profit margin increases above 5 percent for the past three years and expected revenue growth of at least 5 percent for the next three years.

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