Fad or fundamental?

Each year seems to bring yet another revolutionary business philosophy that promises to redefine how organizations, executives, and managers operate and perform. And usually, just as quickly as these new fads appear, these ideas--though often contributing to the overall knowledge of business thinking--drift into oblivion. This article looks at four business fads with staying power, fads that have impacted the practice of project management, fads best known as business intelligence, outsourcing and offshoring, social responsibility, and human capital management. In doing so, it examines each fad in-depth, describing its process, its potential return on investment, its advantages, and its viability. With this, it focuses on the link between these fads and project and business management practices, explaining how project managers use these fads to fulfill their responsibilities and deliver their commitments and how organizations and executives use these fads to realize strategic objectives that generate business
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