A Room of Her Own

Female-Only Spaces Put Focus on Requirements Management

The wallpaper at The Wing in Washington, D.C., USA is the first indication that this is not your typical gathering space. Illustrations of Frances Perkins, Nellie Tayloe Ross and other prominent women adorn it and, like every design element in the 10,000-square-foot (929-square-meter) space, the wallpaper was chosen with women in mind. The Wing is just one of many women-only spaces cropping up around the world. They include The AllBright, which opened a members' club in London, England in March as part of a £9 million project to build a digital academy and networking spaces around the world, and Seattle, Washington, USA-based The Riveter, which in the same month announced that it had raised US$4.8 million to open coworking spaces in multiple U.S. cities.
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