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PMI's 2001 Seminars & Symposium offers focused and comprehensive project management learning opportunities—a necessity for career development.

by Kevin C. Miller

You've heard the real estate maxim, “Location, location, location,” but there's an important variation for professionals everywhere, including those in project management.

“In today's job market, it is education, education, education,” says Carol Kleiman, nationally syndicated jobs columnist with The Chicago Tribune and author of several columns on the emergence of the project management profession.

“No matter what the profession, you have to be upfront and current [with developments in the field]. If you aren't, you are going to be left behind. There is ever-increasing competition.”

One of the best knowledge sources for project management education, technology and trends is PMI's Annual Seminars & Symposium. The event, which is themed “First to the Future,” will be held 1-10 November 2001 in Nashville, Tenn., USA.

Like any other profession, project management is feeling the extreme growing pains caused by the Information Age. New tools, techniques and trends are springing up at an alarming rate, with no sign of slowing down. To stay ahead of the game—or even in the running—requires project managers to know the latest technology and take advantage of educational opportunities.

“Professional fields change rapidly, and it's important to stay ahead,” writes Patricia M. Boer, a nationally certified career counselor and columnist for job Web site “It's equally important to know what's hot now and what's coming ahead so that you can keep abreast of new and emerging opportunities in your area” [Boom Times! Stay Secure in Your Job Today and Down the Road, Monster Mid-Career,].

“The project management field and the knowledge base are changing every day,” says James R. Snyder, PMI® Fellow and co-founder. Today, project management education opportunities abound.

With three keynote speakers, more than 180 paper presentations in 20 tracks, 15 hours of exhibit time and numerous networking opportunities, this year's First to the Future meeting offers a number of career-oriented learning opportunities. The pre-symposium slate includes:

img “Project Office Deployment: Introducing Project Office to the Organization”

img “Managing Projects in the ‘E’ World”

img “Career Entrepreneurship: Using Project Management to Manage Your Career in the Next Millennium”

img “Defining Scope in IT Projects: A Process for Documenting Systems Requirements.”

After the symposium, attendees can take advantage of seminars that cover:

img “Project Management Coaching Techniques”

img “Project Management: The Missing Link Between Business Strategy and Projects”

img “Global Project Management: Managing Cross-Cultural Project Teams”

img “Listening: The Project Manager's Ultimate Communication Tool”

img “The Project-Oriented Organization: Key to Global Innovation and Competitiveness.”

PMI's Global Assembly 2001 will cover impacts on business, and the exhibit floor will feature the latest in project management tools, technology and resources.

The Seminars & Symposium will take place at the Opryland Hotel Convention Center. Nearby attractions feature Opry Mills, a 1.2-million-square-foot shopping and entertainment complex; Delta River Flatboats that tour a 4.5-acre indoor garden; the General Jackson showboat and the Music City Queen riverboat; the Grand Ole Opry, a 4,400-seat auditorium that's home to American country music; and the 18-hole Springhouse Golf Club.

Kevin C. Miller is former PMI® public relations coordinator. He is an account executive with Barton & Gilanelli Associates Inc., a marketing communications firm in Philadelphia, Pa., USA.

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