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David Rice is chief information officer for Siemens Medical Solutions USA, a medical products and services provider in Malvern, Pa., USA.


Siemens Medical Solutions is a results-oriented business. To attain our desired growth targets, we must be able to propose and deliver high-quality solutions to our customers—on time and within budget. An integral part of doing so is ensuring our projects are tightly managed. We are continuously assessing projects and processes, seeking to implement best practices, identifying root causes of problems, and enhancing the skills of our project managers through certification and training. We believe that disciplined project execution will deliver bottom-line profit and top-line growth.

Although Siemens has a long history of structured project management methodology, we place a strong emphasis on continuous improvement. In particular, we emphasize the sharing of best practices among various operating companies across the organization through a toolkit that includes an intranet reference site.

We believe that disciplined project execution will deliver bottom-line profit and top-line growth.

Strong, consistent execution is an integral part of our overall business operation. Recent initiatives have helped drive consistency of deployment and compliance throughout the enterprise. In 2003, we established PM@Siemens, an initiative to advance project management as part of a company-wide effort referred to as “top +,” which seeks to improve innovation, customer focus and global competitiveness. PM@Siemens is targeted at optimizing our global competitiveness through streamlined processes on three fronts:

  • Tracking and assessing our results through methods such as root-cause analysis
  • Training and implementing best practices, including certifications such as the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential
  • Measuring financial impact to monitor non-compliance costs.

PM@Siemens is run by a team composed of executive sponsors from Siemens Corp., USA; representatives from various Siemens operating companies; and functional teams throughout the overall organization. The key benefit of this program within Siemens Medical has been minimized non-conformity costs on projects. The program ensures we stay on budget and on time.

In some respects, the most profound example of the benefits of project management is our supply chain management system. Since 2002, we have done a major enterprise resource planning implementation for supply chain management every year as newly acquired entities are integrated into the Siemens Medical Solutions family. That says a lot about how we've standardized processes and methods. The fact that we can complete these implementations in a relatively short timeframe each year is proof of the reliability and repeatability of our processes.

These successful implementations, coupled with the robustness of our overall IT landscape, are the best testimony possible of our firm belief in the vital importance of strong, disciplined project management. Siemens Medical Solutions relies very heavily upon these systems and the business processes they support. We could not have successfully completed these implementations without a corresponding commitment to effective project management. PM

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