Danger signs

the global risks threatening organizations are daunting; strong project leaders know how to build resiliency

Terrorist attacks. Droughts. Failing states. Executives have always had plenty to worry about, and shrewd organizations have always prepared for worst-case scenarios. What's different now? The global risks executives view as most likely to be realized are broader than ever before, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2016. The report shows a clear shift in the risks that are keeping organizational leaders up at night and threatening the viability of projects and the safety of teams. Large-scale involuntary migration, extreme weather events and a failure to address climate change were the risks that almost 750 global respondents cited as most likely to occur. Climate change was cited as the most impactful, followed by weapons of mass destruction and water shortages. It's a contrast to early this decade, when economic concerns consistently topped the annual survey.
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