The High Road

To Get Ahead of the Competition—And Stay There—Today's Project Leaders Must Give Back to the Communities They Serve, Abide by Solid Ethics and Encourage Team Members to do the Same

Shifts in the business environment, the rise of new economies and the latest advances in technology are changing the rules of business. The race to be the best has spawned a culture of hyper-competition and sparked a bevy of high-profile, aggressive projects. "It's not just the Davids versus the Goliaths," says James Greene, senior consultant with M&H Informatics AG in Basel, Switzerland. "Now, you have Goliaths from all over." In an environment like this, delivering a project on time and within budget is no longer enough to survive. In the seemingly never-ending quest to one-up the competition, some project leaders may be tempted to push ethics and social responsibility aside. Conversely, others have chosen the high road, relying on socially responsible behavior and projects to set themselves apart.
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